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Dock Levellers

In a loading dock, one problem to overcome is the problem of bridging the gap between a truck and the dock or warehouse floor.Not all trucks are the same height, and the height of the trailer floor within a truck can vary according to how heavily the truck is laden. Thus there is not only a gap to bridge but a heightdifference to overcome.Dock Levellers are the best solution to bridge this gap with Dock levellers are, as mentioned, fixed to the dock. They comprise a simple metal plate, called a lip, that is raised from a stowed position and then lowered onto the back of the truck. Lip can be hinged or telescopic type.

Dock levelers from Campisa are conforming to the European standard EN-1398.Dock levelers allow quick and safe loading and unloading of goods from the vehicles thus minimizing energy use, saving on heating and cooling costs resulting in maintaining high quality of the transported goods.